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  • 40 for discus

    I have been thinking of what to do with my 40 since i have been banned from my brothers and thus my fish there are doomed to be his, but mom ripped him a new one about them lol... the betta I am getting Tuesday will be homed in its own 10g so he can heal from its last owners mistakes... so now it left me with two options... upgrade my saltwater tank or get a pair of discus... I went into my lfs a couple days ago for a RO refill and walked into the fish room while I waited... I spoted a common pleco I wanted for my pond this spring and possible a koi but what caught my eye was a young pair of discus (one was red and one blue)... I have been do g research the last two days about them and understand they need perfect water conditions and some have said saltwater is easier but I would lie to plan this out regardless...

    I plan to buy some marineland less for lighting and plan to grow plants in a horse shoe shape so I can have plants but the discus also had room to swim! Filter will be a canistar, lost the link to the one rogue sent me on eBay for like $60...

    Plant ideas so far will be
    Anubias congris or coffeeolia attached to branching driftwood
    Flame moss attached to same drift wood
    Bunches of rotala
    Carpet dwarf sag
    Dwarf lily (my newest plant obsession)
    Asopongens (sp)
    No idea what other plant I could add...

    For tank mates I planned on otos and maybe hatchetfish (as I have never owned any and it would be fun)
    Not sure if snails would be good or not...

    Plan to keep the Ph where my tap water is... so 7.6-7.8 its better to have a constant Ph then trying to lower it and risk a crash...

    Temp I planned for 82*-85*

    Now is there anything I am missing or should know? This isn't 100% set in stone just yet guys the saltwater could happen ;D
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    I don't know if all the work is worth it. Are u looking at a mated pair or just 2 discus?

    If they're not mated they may not, putting a pair of schooling fish without companions Ive read can be really stressful.

    If they are a mated pair, babies may not be as easy to place without patrents that continue a color pattern (new patterns take multiple generations to stablize), as well as hatching issues with your water. That high f ph can stop eggs from hatching.

    Imo crazy wc for discus seem like way more work than dilligent water testing for sw, especially with the tank best suited for a mated pair.

    Maybe a nice angel for a ceterpiece? U might be able to do a pair or a trio, but I'm not too sure with angels
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      I do not believe 82F is high enough for discus to thrive. When I was researching I came to the conclusion that 85F was a much better target. And, this elevated temp eliminated many plants and species as they didn't fair as well in the elevated temps long term. But before you adjust your plans wait for someone with actual experience with discus to chime in.

      As for angels in a 40G. While technically the tank is large enough for 3, trios will always lead to the death of one unless you know that you have one sex only. And, even then a trio is very iffy. If you decide to go with angels, I would plan for 2 and then add dithers and live plants.
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        Hi Sean, if 40 gl is the biggest you can go, i would do more research on Discus before you go this route. how do you know they are a young pair? have they already had wigglers? if not, there is no way you know they are a pair. if the lfs said they had eggs, that does not mean they are proven. 2 females will produce eggs, this happens often with young Discus. so, unless we have had wigglers we really just have 2 young discus.
        What size are they? I agree with Dena, not that 82 is not used but 85 is more consistently used as a target temp. as much as you have read about Discus being a lot of work, it is even more so with a planted tank.
        why? takes more to keep the tank clean. you are correct with the PH, and 7.6-7.8 is not as bad as many people think for Discus. consitency is more important. BUT, for a pair, you will have a very tough time getting wigglers in the higher PH. this is why many Discus keepers go to RO, for the fry. so, if you are looking to breed them then you need to look into that as well. i had eggs in 7.6 water, many times with my last group. i am pretty sure i had a male but was convinced the PH was to high. just some thoughts for you, let us know if you have any questions particularly.


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          Oh sorry i guess i could see how what I wrote could have been taken wrong... not a pair as in mated but 2 discus... I am not sure of their genders, and i doubt my lfs has any clue... my goal is not to breed them so if they have babies that live I would love to raise them and sell them to my lfs in the town over (not the one I went to the other day). I was told by al to search for an already mated pair as they would be less work for a beginner but still need to be watched carefully and such...

          I love the idea of owning discus but like blue said the daily water changes for juvies kind of has me rethinking and if my lfs can't get a mated pair or I can't find one I would hate to cause unneeded stress to a couple of beauties... I'm so torn :/
          2.5g Betta tank (Rayne)
          2.5g Apple Snail tank (Silver)
          1.5g Saltwater MTS vase (tough little dudes)
          40g red ear slider tank (Kappa)
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            IMO, unless you have a proven pair for the purpose of breeding, a 40 gl is not big enough for Discus. a 55gl is suggested as a minimum with 6 Discus. Discus are not neccesarily a schooling fish but love each others company to feel more safe and less stressed.


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              I agree with what was said above. It would be best if you could get a mated pair but even so I don't think you should have them as the only cichlids in the tank. I remember a friend of mine kept Angels or Festivums with all his mated pairs of Discus so they weren't 'alone'.

              Also, instead of a canister filter go for sponge filters. Easier to clean IMO.

              Plant wise I think you s hould choose to go with either low light or high/mid light plants. You kinda have a mix of all of them. Personally I'd go with all low light.


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                My discus were quite aggressive towards each other until I had finished adding in all of them... They do like to hang out I notice but I wouldnt call it schooling. I don't think I'd do a tank with less than 6 unless it was two alone as a mating pair, with a mating pair you could put in some corydoras sterbai.
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