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    Finally ran into some EBR.... BUT... 49.99 A Pair? Really?
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    wow... that seems like a lot... but i haven't seen a pair (or a single) for sale before so i wouldn't know lol.. I say get 'em... or call rogue ;D
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      I just looked those up, they are so beautiful.
      55g, 10g, 5g
      55g and another 10g being planned.


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        That is the going price for EBRs! Years ago when they first hit the market I was paying $30 each for them. But, if Jonathan can get you a pair from his supplier you'd be better off. Most EBRs in the LFS are very frail and weak.
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          I got some rams from Jon a few weeks much more colorful and active than the ones ive seen at stores
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            EBRs are $24.99 each in my area. Breeders usually them for $15
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