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    Hello everyone I am about to get my first goldfish ever. I have been cycling my tank for 4 weeks now my readings as of today where as follows
    Ammonia 0 ppm
    Nitrites 0 ppm
    Nitrates 15 ppm
    Temp 70.4 F(room temp)

    My set up is

    Aqua clear 70
    Large sponge filter
    Round air stone
    Air pump
    Sterilite 116 Qt storage bin which equals out to 29 gallons

    So my question is should I get two or just one I am going tomorrow to my local fish store to see what they have. I plan on feeding three times a day 2% of what they weight. I have bloodworms, sinking Saki-Hiraki fancy goldfish food, Repashy Super Gold, and frozen brine shrimp. I also plan on feeding veggies and mosquito larvae that I just ordered.

    I been a fish keeper for 30 years I have a 5 gallon male betta planted tank, a 30 gallon community tank with 10 neons, 8 Pygmy cories, 1 female pearl gourami, and 1 male bristle nose pleco, and a 10 gallon nano reef with 1 clownfish, 1 brittle starfish, 20lbs of live rock, live sand, 6 blue leg hermit crabs, 2 turbo snails, and Vivid Nightmare Zoa garden. So I am not new to keeping fish.

    The reason I am branching into fancy gold fish is I fell in love with Solidgold’s on YouTube Calico Butterfly Telescopes and my local fish store just got 6 4 month old ones in 3 weeks ago. And they are still there as of Friday and one I’ve been watching since they arrived 😍.

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