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  • Talk about a 360!

    I came home today to poor Dharma, the most sensative and floaty fish in the world, sitting face down in the gravel shoved behind the plants, gills barely moving. Naturally, the first thing i did was a water change. Usually, I have this dinky 2 gallon watering can and a siphon barely suitable for a 20 gallon and I just change a few gallons out a few times a week. The tank doesn't have a top, so the evaporation drives me to do water changes, as I hate looking at a water line and hearing the splash of the filters.

    This time, I busted out my old, retired 5 gallon bucket, and a new-to-me 3 inch diameter siphon, and changed out about 8 gallons, on top of the probably 5 or so evaporated gallons. Not 15 minutes after the tank being filled back up, she is now swimming around (as much as a fat, semi-floaty, one-eyed goldfish *can* swim around lol) and got super excited over food. Now, in stead of floating butt-up in the gravel, she's floating level at the surface, Dharma-style after a good meal.

    Just goes to show, stick with what you're good at! Larger water changes once a week apparently force me to do a better job at cleaning, rather than smaller ones a few times a week.

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    Glad to hear Dharma is ok. Every week when I do a water change my husband says why do you take out so much water? About 1-1/2" of water evaporates and you only need to replace that. Well, this is why. I think the fish really appreciate getting that fresh water every week and it can only make things better for them. I believe you are right. You tend to pay more attention to the conditions in the tank when you do a larger change.
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      Glad to hear your Goldie is alright. I do large water changes too. Usually at least 50%


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        I get about 3-4 inches of evaporation on this tank (50 gallon) a week of I don't constantly fill it up. Drives me nuts!

        I have a thing of cheapy clearance test strips, but they don't test for ammonia, and everything else was fine, so that was more than likely the cause. None of the other fish seemed effected. Poor sensative Dharma

        All my tanks are planted these days, so I don't have to do such large water changes. This tank was just brought up to my standards of a planted tank (and it still isn't where I want it) just yesterday though, when I moved Dharma and the other smaller gold fishies over to this tank. Is was beastly Bruce, who we all know is trouble lol Over half the plants in this tank now were moved over last night. With a lighter stock, and most plants, I can go back to normal sized water changes LOL
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          Weird. I'm glad she is feeling better! Fish can give you a serious scare sometimes lol.


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            This little turd is nothing but stress! What's the Indian word for "brat"?? Maybe I need to change her name! >.<


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              Uhh.. well with the english alphabet it would be bigadail bachchaa. Which, literally translated, means bad/naughty child.


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                That's A mouthful and a half! LOL

                I've woken up a wonderful 2 1/2 hours early, so I'm sitting here in the dark on my phone trying to go back to sleep. When it comes time to actually have to function, I'll peek in and see how's doing. Tank lights don't come on till 11 (and it's 6:34......)


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                  Well still hope your fishy is doing better
                  It does not matter if you are right or wrong...
                  As long as you learn and Keep Moving Forward!



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                    She's fine. Just needed some cleaner water, I guess. Times like this make me want a real test kit, just out of curiosity. So much for goldfish being hardy