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  • female guppys

    I have a female guppy tank. My two bigger females gravid spot has kinda gone away they look pregnant and I thought they were. They seem fine just wondering if this happens? Ill get some pics up later.

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    Re: female guppys

    Hi Matt,

    Pictures would definitely help. I think your guppies are still pregnant but aren't ready to give birth yet. Guppies can hold up to two clutches of babies at a time from my experience. One clutch which is ready to be born and one that is just developing. When the older ones are born then the developing eggs are moved so they can develop more rapidly. Then a new batch of unfertilized eggs are eventually fertilized as the developing eggs grow into fry and are getting ready to be released. I've observed all this happening but don't know the exact science behind it so my facts may be a tad off.