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  • Neon Tetra Coloration

    So... I had 4 neons in another tank... and thought they had normal coloring....white, red & blue... BUT I wanted to see how they would do in my main tank....they did well...So I decided to get 11 more and add them in a few weeks... So after I felt they were safe to put in my tank, I scooped up the 4 and introduced them to the other 11... WELL I noticed the 4 ALL Had Black Tops and the other 11 were glassy white...It got me wondering if they were like this before.... So after 2 days I put them ALL in my main tank and low and behold the other 11 have made the top half of themselves black as well...

    This is something I had no idea Neon Tetra's Could do to hide themselves... So now I have Black,Blue,Red & Glassy White Neon Tetra's... interestingly cool

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    That is pretty cool how they have all changed colour to match I think we need a fts just to see how well camouflaged they are
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