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Cardinal hierarchy in chaose

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  • Cardinal hierarchy in chaose

    I just thought this was kind of funny, if you've read the thread on my tetras eyeballs exploding then you know some of my older tetras are in a bad way. The male that used to keep everybody in line had his eye explode so needless to say he lost his job. Now one of the newer 1/2-3/4" cards has taken his spot, swimming around the school and nipping here and there to show he's in charge just like the old male did, only this guy is about 1/4" his size, it just struck me as funny seeing this little guy swim up to the bigger stricken males and nudge them back into line, ambitous little guy, he saw his opening and he went for it.
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    Re: Cardinal hierarchy in chaose

    Behaviors are the most interesting! Bet that is a sight to see.
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      Re: Cardinal hierarchy in chaose

      I didn't notice that behavior among my cardinals but I did notice it among my glowlight tetras though.


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        Re: Cardinal hierarchy in chaose

        yeah sounds like normal behavior really. Doesnt always matter how small or large the fish just the attitude.

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