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  • Proposed Future Stocking

    Dont see a subforum that this would fit better in, so I'll leave it here

    I have it in my head that I will, in the next year or so, upgrade my 50 gallon to a 75, for the goldfish (who aren't spoiled at all. Really, I swear), and turn the 50 into a semi-aggressive community. My thoughts were

    -2 female cons (don't want no babies, nor do I like tumor-heads)
    -1 Rainbow/Red Tailed Shark
    -10 Serpea Tetras
    -10 Tiger Barbs

    According to AqAdvisor (yeah, yeah, i know), Serpeas aren't psycho enough to kept with cons, who I have heard are actually usually quite mellow, though they can be hit or miss on getting chill ones. Nearly everyone who has had Serpeas says how crazy and aggressive they are, and everyone who has cons usually says they do very well in a community-type setting, provided they are housed with fish who will push them back every when needed.

    The crazy thing also says this overstocks me.

    I'd like to hear your thoughts on each, and whatever else you have to offer. Feel free to suggest other fish, as well. I'm open to just about anything. Just don't break my non-existant bank XD

    Also, I think I will do a Red tailed rather than a Rainbow. I really only like Albino Rainbows, but I want the contrast of the red and black.
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    Red tailed sharks are very cool
    I can't help with stocking sorry apart from saying can't wait to see it all up and running
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      I JUST got this tank, so I'll have to work on mom for a while LOL It'll be at least a year.


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        Originally posted by Akari_32 View Post
        Dont see a subforum that this would fit better in, so I'll leave it here
        Would a subforum for stocking a freshwater tank meet your need?
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          Originally posted by catsma_97504 View Post
          Would a subforum for stocking a freshwater tank meet your need?
          If you want to Just found the best place for it and dumped it there LOL I see some people are using the Tank Journals for their stocking needs, as well.

          What other smaller cichlids are there? Anything that can be kept two or three to a tank with out ripping each others throats out... Lol

          How do you guys feel about Paradise Fish? Or Jewel Cichlids, or a single JD?
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            What about apistogramma (sp)? They are beautiful little fish. I know you're not supposed mixed areas and I'm not sure where these guys belong, but it's what I thought of.
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              I tried a GBR that I had for several months at school out here at home and the water killed him in weeks. I'm not so sure my city water is good for these types of fish. I've also never seen an apisto locally, and I don't want to order one through the mail lol Other things that dont do well in my water include mystery snails and RCS.

              I also want something on the larger side. I'm wanting 4+ inches.
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