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  • Is this an ok stock

    So I am setting up a Amazon Biotope.

    I know of Aquadvisor but would like some professional advice.
    How does this sound in a 45 gallon tall
    Angelfish x3
    Rummynose Tetra x8
    BN Pleco x1?
    If not then please give me suggestions.

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    Oh also plan to have amazon swords plus some hornwort maybe?


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      Sorry, I just now saw this post.

      3 angels never work out long term unless you know they are all the same sex. Otherwise, what will happen is you will end up with a pair and they will kill the 3rd wheel. I would plan on just 2 angels. Otherwise, should be fine, just keep an eye on the waste production and make sure you have enough water current as well as enough filtration.

      Amazon Swords are amazing plants, but if they are kept in a high tech tank they will get huge over time. Mine grew out of my 90g tank and took over. I had no swim space with just 1 Amazon and 1 Ozelot Sword.
      - Dena

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