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  • Anything I can add?

    I'm going with my family to Boston. On the way back, I can stop by a lot of LFSs in North NJ to check them out. Since I'm visiting so many LFSs, I think I'll pick up some fish and tons of plants and other supplies.

    So I just need to know if I can pick up some fish. I'll give you specs of my tanks.

    29 gal-
    2 dwarf flags
    5 rummies
    9 glowlights
    5 kuhlis
    2 mysteries
    2 nerites
    medium planted
    eheim 2215

    10 gal-
    3 cpds
    1 nerite
    AC 30
    heavily planted

    10 gal divided- (don't think i could add anything but...)
    2 male bettas (one one each side)
    1 nerite snail
    lightly planted
    AC 20

    So, all new fish ideas (if any...) are welcome!

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    Only thing I'd get for your 29 is some more Rummies. And for your 10g I would get a lot more CPDs and a CPO lol.


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      CPO with RCS? Would the CPO eat them?


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        Originally posted by QQQUUUUAADDD View Post
        CPO with RCS? Would the CPO eat them?
        They will eat whatever they can catch. I wouldn't advise rcs and cpo in the same tank
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          I never had any issue mixing the two. My CPOs usually ate plant matter and pellets. My RCS population in the tank continued to explode. CPOs don't have claws large enough to eat larger RCS, IMO, so if they did actually eat any they would eat a couple of the youngest ones.


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            Another tank


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              10g, 20g, 29g, 55g


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                Dwarf orange crayfish. CPO is an abbreviation of the long scientific name. I'll think about the CPO. I already have a very small population of rcs. Maybe due to the fact that im keeping them with cpds. I dont want anything else that could possibly eat them. I think i will get a lot more rcs, and try to feed the cpds better. I have kinda slacked off on feeding... If i feed bettrr, could that satisfy my cpds urge to hunt the shrimp and allow me to grt 3 more cpds and a lot more shrimp?


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                  So I've decided.

                  A lot of RCS
                  Tons of plants

                  Any other fish?


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                    Male endlers, Scarlet Badis, more cpds..
                    10g, 20g, 29g, 55g


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                      I definitely agree more CPDs. I don't think your 29 seems too stocked, but maybe I just like to heavily stock my tanks Definitely tons of plants!


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                        Yup, I will get more CPDs. Although after my RCS colony gets fully established so they don't eat all of the shrimp. I wonder if I can get 3 more kuhlis and 3 more rummies?


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                          I got the stuff!

                          They were out of kuhlis so I got:

                          3 more rummies
                          3 more CPDs (these are soooooo tiny compared to the ones I have now)
                          1 pot of crypt parva
                          1 bunch of beautiful ludwigia peruensis
                          1 bunch of cabomba
                          1 red tiger lotus

                          I'll update my 29 gallon thread. And I may start a 10 gallon journal!

                          You may close this thread. Thank you!


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                            Closing thread by request.