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  • Which tank??

    My 40 breeder has arrived! I have to do a little switchy-switch with a 55 my friend has in her garage for the tank my neighbor has for me (the beardy needs a home! Lol) and then, because that 40 breeder is reptile specific (thinner glass than the ones you buy tank-only), Rex will be moved out of his 40 breeder and into the new one, and Rex's will be used for fish.

    Anyways, I have four plecos and two tanks. A sailfin, a clown and two BNs. The BNs need to be in the same tank. I have the 40 breeder, and the 50 gallon. I've come to the conclusion that 40 breeders actually hold about 45 gallons (I've calculated 43 and 47 from a few different sites...).

    So, mix and match the plecos! Where and in what combination do you thing they'll do best. The clown never comes out, so he's almost like not having a 4th pleco... Lol Where ever the sailfin ends up, it's temporary till she gets bigger. Have fun!

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    Sail and clown in the 50, bns in the 40.
    10g, 20g, 29g, 55g


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      That's kind of what I was thinking. The sailfin is only 5 inches right now, so she has plenty of room for the time being.


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        I agree with Rae. Sounds good for when the sailfin grows.


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          Alright, so how's this look:

          This is going off that the ACs actually do what the box says they are made for. In reality, the 50 does 200 and the 30 does 150 (and some places 175, but I chose to shoot for the lower one). I plan in either switching the 30 with a Magnum 350 or an Aquatech 30-60. They are both noisy and broken, so I'm not sure yet LOL