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Riparium Stock?

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  • Riparium Stock?

    So I'm planning a divided, planted, 29 gal riparium soonish (gotta build the stand first)
    Current stock are 2 mellow Betta's. I'm considering adding a small school to the tank (I have a back up plan if the Betta's flip a switch and dont like other fish). Preferring to stay in the asian/indian area, do ya'll have any suggestions? and why?

    My original thoughts were glowlight danios ... or celestial pearls... but then I saw indian rice fish...?

    your thoughts

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    How about

    1. Boraras maculatus aka Dwarf rasbora/Spotted rasbora- they originate from Asia and are small fish .8 inches

    2. Microdevario Kubotai aka Neon Yellow Rasbora- max size .75 inches

    3. Boraras naevus aka Strawberry rasbora/Macro rasbora- they just look very cute originates from Asia

    I think smaller fish will look better in a riparium tank instead of bigger fish.
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      cool! Yeah, I was aiming for smaller since they'd appreciate the tank size better. I'm thinking 1.5 inch max size.

      Thanks! I'll look those up! I was considering shrimp too at one point but I'm next to positive they'd become dinner in a minute!

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        How about Emerald Dwarf Rasboras?


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          Hara jerdoni are really cool. I know a place that has a few in stock currently.


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            Wow lots of ideas! I've got lots of reading to do! Oh thanks for the cat! I was wondering what I could have for a "cleaner" (granted, I use that term loosely)

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