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DIY Grey/reclaimed water pond

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  • How to: DIY Grey/reclaimed water pond

    Hi all , so really curious to see what everyone has to say and would love to hear from anyone if they have been successful with this , I am planning on investing some money is reusing grey water for a pond and drinking and play water for my dog , we are in the middle of a terrible drought at the moment in cape town and the reusing of water has become essential but at the same time I need to know it's cleaned properly and safe for my dog and any small fish .. So please any ideas of building a vertical plant system to clean it and what may grow well with a kind of shallow rooting systen and will survive in thick pvc piping with the top cut off

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    The issue with using grey water is the soaps that are in it from its previous use. Laughably you might have better luck with black water, as that can be "safer" when properly treated.

    If your set on the grey water you need to think of a few things:
    1. Deal with your soaps and floatables somehow
    2. Filter out your settleablle particulate
    3. Filter out any large particulate
    4. Treatment, You can probably air strip a lot of your issues and I would honestly think that a soil filter can handle a bunch of it depending on what you are doing. With a soil filter thought, you could probably keep your flowers and other non edible plants going for a good bit, remember you probably have a bunch of nitrogen and phosphorus in the grey water.
    5. Other uses, Im grouping a lot of things here, but my main concern would be the use for live animals. UV Treatment is fairly easy to do and can handle quite a bit of problems and in theory could help make it usable for it, but there will still be a lot left in the water that is not treated completely.

    As for the plants, if your thinking of vertical then you would want to do something about an egg shapped hole I would think and use something like a bit of netting to hold in the roots and some either puffed clay or something for them to hold around. I would bet that the plants do not want to be submerged all the time so you might need to think around a recirculation pump for it. Or go to something of a horizontal setup where you can let the water circulate in the bottom half of the pipe and use gravity of the plants reaching down into a gravel filled pipe to draw out the water. Again these are just some assumptions and ideas, in the end its all your decision on what to do. The plants and a soil filter can do wonders but im not sure if I would fully trust them for your dog.

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      I've bought a pump assuming I would use a gravity system when it comes to the recirculation but like you said, I'm scared of the water not being safe for my pooch and i can guarantee it would be impossible to keep her out of it but thanks , will be looking into a U.V sterilizer immediately . As for soaps, I take it anti bacterial soaps would be out of the question ? And the plants is purely decorative affect so thinking about bogg plants , reeds and other water plants in marshy areas living in water logged soil