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  • I'm just so happy

    I'm rediculously happy this morning. Not only did i get my packages from Pet Mountain and got to open up all my new stuff, but I visited the ponds this morning, and I'm pretty sure those little, and not so little, guys have just made my day.

    The last few weeks have been real hectick and stressful, with the loss of not only fish, but a very close family friend whose funeral was yesterday. I've getting discouraged with the ponds, as well because they are always so green I can never see my fish unless they are near the surface. Feebas and Seeking are afraid of anything near the pond (luckily though, if food is involved, they'll tough it out), so I'm lucky to see their huge orange masses beneath the murk, and the little guys in the big pond are still small enough to be really effected by the temp, so I pretty much haven't seen them, which the exception of Luna and occationally Magneto, all winter, since cold goldfish hang near the bottom of the pond.

    So I went out there with their new food this morning, and tossed it in the 65 gallon pond to Feebas and Seeking, and they swam around, checking it out for a few minutes. They haven't had floating food other than the occasional mass of duckweed, so they weren't really sure what to do with it. Finally, Seeking comes up, takes a pellets, then dashes off with it! XD Feebas decided that if he was eating it, she might as well try some too. So then she took about 4 or 5 pellets, then Bolted off after him, never to be seen again.

    Then I went over to feed the 150 gallon pond with the little guys, and the whole lot of them were zipping around, bothering eachother, looking for food, playing in the flow of the pump. It was just so great to see that they had all made it through their first winter (I did have one non-weather related death, though, a few weeks ago). They never did figure out that their new food was a floating pellet while I was out there, but once it starts warming up, and they head to the surface to get warm, they'll figure it out lol
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    Glad to hear things are looking up!
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      Very good! It's great when you can appreciate the simple things and stay happy!
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        Thanks guy I need sleep and things to settle down LOL It's nice to stand out by the ponds when the fish are active and watch them bolt around like a bunch of nuts. Let's a little stress out.
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          Totally understandable. My fish have always been a way for me to relax.
          The old that is strong, does not wither.


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            I can't wait to see if I get any fry this year! Feebas and Seeking are old enough obviously, but the other guys might not be. We'll see, though. That'll just be icing on the cake!


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              Glad to hear the ponds made it through the winter with little issue. Hopefully you can get a handle on the algae this year.
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                Hopefully we can get the roof on the gazebo here soon. That will really help the algea!


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                  I'm glad the winter went well overall I'm sure the roof will help alot, I have taller plants on the southern edge of my pond and it gets maybe 4 hours of direct sunlight. Really helps keep the algae controllable. Hydrangea in particular works well for me because it loves the moisture around the pond and kind of grew into a little canopy for half the pond.
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                    I'm glad everyone faired okay this winter!!!

                    However you went out to visit your ponds... And you didn't take any pictures... What's wrong with you...
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