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Ponds In Upstate NY?

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  • Ponds In Upstate NY?

    So while the boyfriend and I aren't fond of the weird looking goldfish...we do like koi. The problem is, we're in Upstate NY, where it can get into the negative temps sometimes in winter.

    I'm guessing the best solution in winter would be to bring the fish inside...but for even just a few koi, that'd have to be a massive tank!

    So just thinking of possibilities for the future if we ever get a place with space...would we have to bring them inside or is there some other solution? I know next to nothing about pond keeping at this point.
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    Keeping them outside all year long is no issue.
    One, find how deep you freeze line is. Pond will need to be at least 2 feet deeper than that.
    Pond deicers are easily available.
    They are several other ways to work around the freeze issue when you get to that point.
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      Heater :-) I'm going to look at several pond inserts tomorrow 3-150+g, 1 small one looks like its 70 AND Pump... its 300 but I'm not sure if I want it
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        My sister is right over the border in PA and they share a small pond with their neighbor who has koi in there. They stay there all year round with no problems.
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          Koi need 300 g's a piece, just so you know! There's always 13 cent feeder goldfish, at 30-40 gallons a piece