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  • Resilient Neos

    In the state of CA our temps have been dropping to the 40s-50s which is cold in my opinion. Well, I forgot that I've unplugged my heaters in my shrimp tanks and notice yesterday that water temp in the tank was 58-60. I haven't had the heaters plugged in since the beginning of summer. Haven't lost a shrimp.

    I just plugged the heaters back on and set for 72.

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    Re: Resilient Neos

    I'm glad your shrimp are ok. They can be some tough little buggers I hate it when I forget to plug my heaters back in.

    If it makes you feel any better, it's 20 here.
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      Re: Resilient Neos

      Glad they made it, I freak out if I forget to plug it back in for a couple hours after a pwc.

      Its getting pretty chilly here too, snowed lightly to 2000' yesterday. My house is safely down at 1200', 2 years ago I moved down from 1800' because we inexplicably kept getting feet of snow every winter.
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        Re: Resilient Neos

        I am in the same boat. But because the heater died last summer. I am having such back luck with heaters lately. It is frustrating!!!

        My shrimp tank has been running in the low 70s.

        Winter is definitely coming fast! Our temps have dropped 30 degrees...overnight. It is currently 32. Last week I had to bring the tropical plants inside. Almost lost the pineapples!
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          Re: Resilient Neos

          Great reminder for everyone to check their heaters!

          Also I hightly recommend the Titanium heaters from Kens, Cheap and have been working well for me. The other bonus is the controller is outside the tank for easy adjustment.

          Analog Controller about $22
 ... roler.html

          Digital Controller about $27
 ... roler.html

          Both are listed at being about +/- 2 degrees.

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