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Giant Apple Snails

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  • Giant Apple Snails

    My father in law is a ridiculous lover of animals. We all are in this family. But he doesn't care for them. He gives them to me. He works in the oil field and has recently found and brought me 2 giant apple snails. He actually went out and bought a tank and stuff he thought they would need and dropped it off and said 'here you go munchkin keep them alive'. I have no idea what to even do with them. They are in a 5 gallon tank with a filter. He brought bottom feeder pellets and algae wafers. I have purchased a liquid calcium supplement but past that I can not fimd munch info on care for giant snails. Just the small mystery snails. Are they similar enough that I can follow care for the little guys? They have some shell erosion going on and it looks like they are growing algae on their shells. They are both pretty active and their food disappears but I don't know if its just dissolving or being eaten. They also put off a lot of mucus looking stuff. Almost like clumps or long strings of it. Is that normal? I'm pretty new to tank care so please be patient.

    **I am assuming they are pomacea maculata based on the research I've done. So I'm not even 100% sure about that. All the images I try to upload say they're too large.