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Assassin + Nerites?

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  • Assassin + Nerites?

    Does anyone know if the assassin would go after the nerites? I'd like to put them from my 29g into Dustin's 20g to help with his freshwater CUC, but he's got my pest snail control in there as well.
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    I definitely wouldn't risk it. I hear that assassins only go after larger snails if A) they're very hungry and don't have anything else to eat and B) there's a group so they can gang up on the larger snail. But I put in two big ramshorns (marble size) and they were both gone in a few days.


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      Nope... I have my assassins with my mysteries but that's only because the hord.of mts in there other wise I'd never risk it... Nerites much bigger danger so I wouldn't do it...
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        Alright, wasn't sure if a smaller killer would go after something bigger than itself as my larger ramshorns seemed to fair well (maybe I have a lazy snail? lol). He does have otos and the loach, so he should be somewhat okay on the algae clean up crew.
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          I agree unless you have a simple supply of pond or MTS or bladder I wouldnt risk it.

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