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Getting serious in Planted Tank

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  • Getting serious in Planted Tank

    Most of you know I love having a planted tank, just my excuse to have plants indoor since I can't have house plants.

    Well, I will be taking the next level to the planted tank... injected CO2 system once my Excel runs out I will be ordering my system. I have a long way to go, at least I will have time to save my money for the system and the time to research.

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    When I look at Chtistine and Dena's tank I always say, I want a pretty healthy tank and want my plants to pearl. At this point I have been lucky with my plants and now I want to an expert.

    About 95% of my plants are low light but after reading and researching the plants I have and the benefits of an injected system has motivated me to the next level.

    I've always shyed away from CO2 threads and when I see the chemistry symbols my brain just shut down and usially end up scrolling to the next posting.

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    It's made a huge difference in my tank. I'm still working on the right balance but it's been a lot of fun at the same time. Good luck!
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      Goodluck!! CO2 is always the way to go lol.


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        Awesome! Look forward to hearing about your co2 injected adventure when the time comes!

        Nothing like getting plant growth explosions!


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          Originally posted by AlyeskaGirl View Post
          Awesome! Look forward to hearing about your co2 injected adventure when the time comes!

          Nothing like getting plant growth explosions!
          Or my woes


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            Originally posted by AmazonPassion View Post
            Or my woes
            yeah, that too.


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              Best of luck AP!
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                Good luck!! I am about to join you in that journey, I have the tank and such just havent had ANY time to even get it setup on my tank.

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                  Just take it slow and you will soon become comfortable with an injected tank! Good luck and have fun with the new adventure.
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