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Possible overdose on Excel

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  • What is wrong: Possible overdose on Excel

    I did a 70% WC and a rescape yesterday evening, taking 95% Java Fern ferns out, other plants, putting my new rock structure in....

    Dose the tank w/API Leaf Zone 50mL, Excel-50mL. Well this morning I saw my Angelfish on top of the surface (looks like they were looking for food) didn't think much so I fed them and took off for a meeting.

    Now, I'm back....3 Dead Bamboo Shrimps, a couple of RCS, Angelfish are up near the surface (now I think they are grasping for air), Corydoras are dive bombing...Red Eye Tetras are up near the surface however the rest of tetras are acting normal.

    In the process of doing a WC-50%.

    Any thoughts?

    Edit: Took a water sample before WC

    Ammonia: 0ppm
    Nitrite: 0ppm
    Nitrate: 5ppm
    Phosphate: 2.0ppm
    Iron: 0.1 ppm
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    I'm sorry for your losses CJ you are already doing what I would suggest from what I have read excel is usually ok with inverts wether bamboos are extra sensitive I'm not sure but as it has effected the angels and other fish too I would stave off using it for now.

    Sorry I can't really help CJ I'm sure someone with more experience will I just wanted to let you know I'm sorry you have lost your shrimp I know how excited you were to get them
    Never underestimate the power of a smile


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      Yeah it does sound a bit like an overdose. Have you added Excel to the tank before with all the shrimpies in it? I wasn't sure if Excel was shrimp safe. Add a couple airstones or a powerhead. Did you check the pH and such of the new water going in?

      Sorry about the losses.


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        The weird part is that I've added a full dosage with the Bamboos before with no effects. Just took out 4 dead corydoras.

        The pH is my tank is 8 and the pH from my tap is 8.

        Just did another 25% WC again. I don't know, the Angels are still at the surface.


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          Could it be something to do with the new rock structure?
          Never underestimate the power of a smile


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            That's what I was wondering too. Could something be leaching out of your new structure? I hate to hear of your losses.


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              That's really strange. It's almost as if the oxygenation has gone down drastically. That affects shrimp really fast. Were there lots of bubbles in the water?


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                I thought about the rock structure leeching out toxins but I did the vinegar test, soaked for days and refilled every day. If it was leeching out, I thought the next fish to go is the Ram because he is the most sensitive fish I have...then the neons. The Red Eyes are back to normal selves "hiding" but the Angels (Blacks and Marbles) are all at the surface.

                I think I have an adequate amount of oxygenation, two canister filters; one out flow is pointed at an angle towards the surface causing surface agitation and I also have a sponge filter/airstone. I'm going to plug my powerhead to provide additional flow/oxygen.


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                  Canisters really don't oxygenate that much IMO. I try to have an airstone or powerhead with a airhose stuck to it in all my tanks.


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                    Oh no I'm so sorry I'm not sure if Excel affects water like pure CO2; I don't know if it actually causes it to be harder for fish to breathe or not. I would do lots of water changes, just like you're doing. Hope the rest pull through, so sorry to hear you've lost so many already


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                      Sorry to hear about this CJ. I just don't see how it can be the excel when you always dose it like that. Or did your more in than you usually do?

                      I hope you don't loose anything else


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                        The paranoia has set in. I took out the rock structure I made and is soaking in a tupperware storage bin outside, did another 50% WC, powerhead on... My otocinculus are all alive along with my gold ram. The Angels are the ones who are affected by something in my water. No change in them, still up on the surface semi grasping for air.

                        This is depressing...just fed the tank and all the Angels are not interested in the food even the Gold Ram is ignoring the food.
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                          Did you disturb the substrate a lot?


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                            Yeah, I uprooted some plants/driftwood/etc...that is what I'm suspecting now that my soil had a built of sulfide oxide.


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                              Do another large water change and Get as much surface movement as possible.
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