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Unintentional Rescape

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  • Unintentional Rescape

    I was netting a sick fish out of my tank last night and unintentionally tore everything up trying to get to it. I had to pull most of the driftwood and rocks and caves out to catch the little guy. So, while they were out I decided to trim some plants and rearrange. Not sure I like it, to be honest, but I wasn't happy with it the other way either.

    I had 2 large sword plants blocking the filter posts and one in the back right corner before. Their roots were overtaking my tank, so I pulled them out, trimmed one and put it back in. Now it seems kinda bare to me. I also removed my oto's fake cave which I'm pretty sure they're not happy about. I left the coconut one in there.

    Any thoughts about which looks best or how I can make it look better? I was trying to free up some ground space since I have a lot of corydoras.

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    Both look great. The first one is more symmetrical so that's the one I'd go for lol.


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      Nice. The varying heights in the plants took more natural.
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        They both look good to me but I also like the fuller look. With your green thumb, it will fill in in no time.

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          If you give it a little while I am sure it will fill out, which I why I like the first one more. They both do look good though :-)
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            That's what I miss the most, and I assume my otos do as well. I have some other plants I can move from other tanks too if I want. My 20 gallon is pretty full.


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              I kinda like the first, but I also like how the second give the tank a central focal point to it. Wonder what it would do with mirrored sides....

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