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  • sump pump

    I want to make a sump for my 55G gonna use a 30G container or a 29G tank I need to find a pump at a decent price that is worth the money.
    any one know of any links or stores?

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    I buy my pumps at Tractor Supply. Can't beat 14 bucks for a nice sized pump! I use them on my pond, and one will be for my sump when I get that going as well.


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      I agree, take a look in some places that sell farm equipment and such, alot of smaller fish stores only sell little stuff and jack the prices way up on things that are really not that expensive.

      You can use a regular sump pump for the job even, just put a T at the discharge with a pair of valves and use one to bleed off the excess flow back into the sump.

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