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Shipping Adult Angels

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  • Question: Shipping Adult Angels

    Question: What size is needed to ship 2 Adult Angels?

    Kordon Breather Bag

    5.5 x 8
    7.5 x 12
    11.5 x 19

    Should I put both in the same bag or separate bags?

    Edit: This will only happen if I am 100% confident that my Angels are at full strength.
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    Aww, I knew you were planning on sending me some. LOL

    Get the biggest bag and pack separately. Be sure to double bag.


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      I'm about to send one of mine to Jon, I got the 7.5x12 for one and when full it looks like it will be snug in a med. flat rate top to bottom, I'll go check if two could go side by side in a med.

      Eta: It looks like it'd work

      Eta again: This will be my first time shipping a fish, so take my advice accordingly
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        I think he's trying to plan everything out for me so that when I move I can send him mine... Lol.


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          I would ship 1 adult per bag, and overnight due to the fact that adults tend to have the most issues. Do not skimp on water volume either. They can get really beat up with the abuse of shipping too. As for bag size, I'd use the 7.5 x 12 or larger bag.

          Good luck.
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