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    We all know certain fish have their personality quirks beyond what their normal species do. Such as Benny, my GBR, managing to photobomb just about every picture of anything I try to take...but when I try to take one of specifically him, he swims off.
    Rasp, my bn pleco, gets cranky if she hasn't had her zucchini. She'll chase my cories around and away from it once she does get it.

    What are some of the quirks of your fish?
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    My fish don't seem to have any... I mean I have a mystery snail that likes to burrow and a betta that refuses to flare even at his own reflection but that's it...
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      My cories are quirky little fish but my BBL's have them beat hands down. No particular weirdness from one fish though.
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        I have the wonderfully cheeky Mordin who is a personality all of his own with the ambushing with a flare and pretending not to see me to the trying to bite my finger through the glass and sulking on fast day to the overexcitement at feeding time and tantrums when I mess with his tank. He is my little monkey.

        Then there is cranky Severus and mischievous Loki who likes sneaking up on Sev. And Herschel and Monty who think they are big game hunters going after snails as big as them and then getting told off and giving me the sweet and innocent look.

        Can't forget my army of snufflers who do freeze frame when I approach the tank but after a little while its like someone flicked a switch and off a snuffling they go lol
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          I considered the personalities and habits of my fish. And, honestly can't pick out their quirks. Thinking I am so used to them that it has become normal for me.
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