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    Hello I have had ich that killed a fish 2 or more weeks ago and I have been treating it ever since is it safe to put fish in my tank?

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    How long has it been completely ich-free? I think you are supposed to keep the temperature elevated for at least a couple of weeks after the ich disappears to make sure there isn't anything dormant.
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      I would wait a minimum of two weeks since you last saw physical signs of Ich on the fish.

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        It has been 2 weeks and ill raise the temp


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          Don't forget to add additional oxygen/agitation to your tank when raising the temperature. Warmer water carries less oxygen in the water.


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            Ok got it bubbler-on


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              I keep my QT tank at a higher temp just for this reason, a short trip thru heat treatment will not affect most fish in the long run. I do run a larger air pump on it and tend to keep the tank almost over oxygenated from it.

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                It can be handy imo to have your qt warm like Pirahnah said, not only will it accelerate the ich and make it apparent, but the heat can speed up the lifecycle of other organisms and bacteria, making it more likely to see symptoms in qt.
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                  Hehe I do the same. My QT is nice and warm and is also filled with IAL.