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new angels-please help identify

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  • new angels-please help identify

    hey everyone. i just got 2 new angels and need some help identifying. what types they are. the first looks like a platinum, has a little black marking on one side of it's face and a black tail. the other is almost a platinum color but has the broken weird stripe/spots. like a clown. at least that's what i'm hoping for lol. any help would be greatly appreciated! thanks

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    here are some more pics of the 2 fish in question. i know the quality is really poor. the lighting isn't good and they are fast lol. thanks again for any help! suzette


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      i've been looking online and it looks like maybe the white one with black spot on the face and black tail is panda angel. i didn't know that there was any such thing. but, i think they are very cool. would anyone venture to guess what the other guy is? is he possibly another panda?


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        It is difficult to tell much as your photos are so dark. But from what I can see it looks like you simply have a mix of Gold Marble and possibly Gold Marble Ghosts. Pandas are only black and white in coloring.
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          ok thanks


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            catsma_97504 is one of the best at getting Angelfish figured out she is most likely right. Some better pics will give a much bette chance at getting all the info correct and any other help you might need or desire with these beautiful fish.

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