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super red bristle nose pleco juvie. please help.

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  • super red bristle nose pleco juvie. please help.

    ok, so i got some new juvies the other day. got them in a tank by themselves, until the get a little bigger. and 1 of them is concerning me a little bit. i really think this little guy is touched or something lol. he keeps climbing out of the water onto the front of the filter, where the water is falling back into the tank. i've never seen this before and was able to catch him a few minutes ago. the first time that i saw him up there, i couldn't figure out how he got there. but, tonight i saw him. he scooted over to the edge and sucked up on the lip of the filter, then hopped up into the water flow and just sat there. is this normal or do i maybe have a problem? he's the only one that is doing anything weird.
    here are some pics, if i can remember how to get them to load... lol it's been a while.
    any help would be appreciated very much!

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    Most often when fish attempt to escape their tank it is due to water quality. Being as your tank is full of plecos, I have to ask. Are you doing large daily water changes? If not, that is most likely the cause. Plecos are worse than goldfish when it comes to how quickly they can pollute a tank. Plus they need a constant food source at this smaller size.

    But, that being said, you could simply have one that is gonna make you scratch your head. There is always one in the bunch.
    - Dena

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      i am doing water changes every other day. it's only the babies in this tank, and the others are fine. i honestly don't think it's due to water quality. it's a cycled tank and the parameters are good. and he's the only weirdo. he hasn't done it the last day or so, so maybe he was just checking things out lol. he seems to have settled down now. it was strange though, funny to watch too, since he didn't seem to really be in any distress. thanks for replying. i appreciate it.


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        Maybe he just wants more flow in the tank?

        Dena is right, usually if they are trying to escape it is due to bad water quality, wouldnt mind seeing your parameters to verify but under the thought process that they are about normal, maybe its just the unusual side of fish.

        Good to know they are doing well and hopefully continue to grow out for you. What tank are you putting them in?

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          You've watched finding nemo have you not ? He is just planning his next move !