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New tanks and plans for 2018

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  • New tanks and plans for 2018

    Thinking of doing a shrimp tank and want two schools with them but what fish is shrimp safe , colorful , hardy and about the same size as ember tetras , so far I've read chilli rosbora are safe but I have never seen in as red as the ones they show on the Google pics.

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    I look to shrimp much like coral and salt water. There is nothing that is "safe" only what seems to work longer than other things. There are others here who have kept shrimp with fish that can probably chime in better on that.

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      I never tried to keep fish with shrimp as I didn't want to take the chance. If mixing two types, you have to be prepared to cross breeding, unless you keep different species. As for what won't eat them, I'd look at smaller, nano type fish. So, any of the small tetras, raspboras, White Cloud Minnows. The rule of if it fits it gets eaten should be considered while planning as even those fish that are safe may still eat the shrimp fry and the population may eventually die out.

      Provide thick vegetation to provide the greatest chance of shrimp surviving the potential predators. Also, if the shrimp feel threatened they will hide constantly and you may never see them. Something else to consider.
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        Thinking now about doing a separate tank now for the shrimp , I just have to many plans to put into play . The 1.5 is now going to become a paladarium, half land half water and will make it tropical but a new monster has been purchased to prowel those waters .... a gorgeous fire eel who will devour them with precision and ease