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    I picked up a system from a European breeder. It’s basically four (4) 30’s that are split into 15 gallons each. Question:
    Each individual tank is drilled for overflow and filling. I have a series of manifold or valves that presumably go into a sump setup. Any suggestions for design, size and pump requirement are greatly appreciated.

    I’m thinking a refugium with lighting plants and heater all below on the bottom shelf.

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    First off, welcome to the forums.

    As for your setup, (and I am assuming this is fresh water) it sounds like it would work, and with a good sized sump your flows can be down a bit. You want to exchange 4-10 times your water per hour based on volume, so if you have 4 30 gal tanks that is 120 gallons, meaning you would need somewhere between 500 and 1000 GPH (gallons per hour), dont forget to take your head loss into consideration from the sump to the top tank for overall flow. Valves will be important on the return side of things so that you can balance the flow to each tank.

    As for a planted sump its a great idea, it will certainly help uptake nutrients for your system as well as allow a nice grow out area for plants for you.

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