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  • Tips for "headcounting"

    Okay... so I'm having trouble keeping track of all my fish. If I don't see one I always fear it's dead and I'm doing something wrong (yes I know I'm paranoid) Tigerbarbs are pretty easy to keep track of (though counting them while moving is difficult!) It's the Otos and BN Pleco and Corys that I have trouble with. Problem being that I have a moderately planted tank and there is just soo many places for a fish to "hide" (or be dead in :/ as I discovered two of my Otos only after they were but mere skeletons)

    Any tips? Do you get in there and move around your stuff a lot to make sure nothing is sick/dead in a corner? How bad is it if a dead fish is left undetected?

    My panda corys are out and usually active, easy to see... but my green corys tend to hide in the most inconvenient spots!!!

    BN Pleco? Oh forget it... he used to hang out on the suction cups holding the filter but I haven't seen him in two days. (He did come out a bit when the Otos were added... competition for his food? :P )

    Ottos... well now that I'm down to two (and they are so fragile) these are the ones that really worry me. I can usually find one (at a time, hard to tell if it's the same one or not)... but the second? Rarely.

    Barbs... most of my barbs swim around in a group but I invariably find one or two that are off to themselves hanging out in a plant (not sure if they are resting or outcasts... worries about the later of course.

    My morning paranoid rant.
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    For the fish that hide not much you can really do other than keep looking and see if there is anything particular you can notice about sertain fish to be able to id them if they are missing. I had a couple that I could tell the pattern difference on so that I could always tell which one was missing.

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      I have a hard time keeping track of anything I have more than 4 of. There always seems to be 1 or 2 hiding somewhere that I can't see them.
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        I do head counts at feeding time when everybody is out for food. I used to feed my bn's and cories at night but then they would hide all day, so I switched to only offering food during the day and now I can count/see them.
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