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Calling all Elder Scrolls fans!

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  • Calling all Elder Scrolls fans!

    As many of you know, my boyfriend and I are the proud owners of six baby angels!! Thus the time has come to name them. We've each picked out favorite (don't tell the rest) and I thought it would be fun to name mine something Elder-Scrolls-related, as I'm such an avid fan. The hard part is there aren't as many named characters like in some other video games.

    So, if you have any ideas, let me know! Please don't be offended if I don't take your idea; I've never done a "name my fish" thread because I always feel bad telling people if I'm not a huge fan of their suggestions Names always seem to just pop up and "fit" so I'm sure someone will throw one out that's perfect

    Thanks for any ideas! I uploaded a picture for some inspiration
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    Barbus!!! Clavicus Viles' dog.
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      LOL! I forgot he had a dog. I like the daedric gods idea though...I'll have to pick one with a good meaning for a fancy angel feesh. Azura comes to mind first since she's practically the only nice one


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        I have only played skyrim I hope that counts here are a few of my favourites

        Shadowmere (my favourite horse)
        Alduin (dragon-worldeater)
        Dovakin (dragonborn)
        Paarthurnax (Alduins liutenant)
        Frost (pretty grey horse)
        Arvak (ghost horse)
        Stumpy (dog)
        Sanguine (prince of debauchery)
        Clavicus Vile

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          LOLOL My boyfriend would love if we named him Skooma. For anyone who's played Oblivion, in the Shivering Isles, forget what the area is called but it's where all the stores are, there's a skooma addict wandering around and if you give her some, she goes "skoooooma! skooooooma!" and making grabbing motions in the air. So even though he doesn't know about about Elder Scrolls, he knows what skooma is because he walked by when she was going "skoooooooma! skoooooma!"

          I love Shadowmere! She's in Oblivion too. You get her in the middle of the Dark Brotherhood quest. I tried to do that in Skyrim but I couldn't find the darn guy They said he ran away from the orphanage to a certain town, but I couldn't find him there. I just call her "pony" Before I knew she was a quest character and couldn't die, I'd always make sure to not jump her from high cliffs and heal her if things attacked her

          I always thought Paarthurnax was a cool dragon. And a fun word! I also used to pronounce "Boethiah" wrong for the longest time And "Sheogorath" for that matter Malacath is the Orc god, right? There's one quest you do in Skyrim in the really far west town (forgot what it's called, the first time you go in a chick gets murdered) where you go in a house to help a guy look through it, because it's supposed to be abandoned but there's been turns all super creepy It's a daedric god making it all creepy but I forgot which one