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  • Sweeeeeet!

    I just scored myself a 40 breeder for 30 bucks! Our neighbors friend is selling his bearded dragon and set up. The neighbor is keeping the dragon, and I'm getting the tank and any goodies I want out of it! (he's got a large tank already sitting on the back porch unused).

    Assuming I am aloud to keep the 29 up, I will need a light, a way to make a top (probably just use acrylic), and some sort of substrate. And I also need to fix the filter/s i plan on using.

    Although, I think I will just upgrade the 29, use the light strip off it, make a DIY acrylic top, fix up the filters, add an other bag of substrate, some more plants, and stuff... Basically just move stuff over lol I don't really want to deal with 3 large tanks lol

    The stock will be Bruce, his new little Shubunkin buddy I just got today (for the time being), platies, Endlers, Ume (betta), and will be the breeding tank of my BNs. The male is old enough and large enough to be introduced to Ninja, I think. If not, the tank is large enough for them to avoid eachother LOL

    The filters will be either the Magnum 350 and AC 50 or the AquaTech 50 and the AC 50. Both the AT and the Magnum are in need of some help as far as the impellers go, but I may be able to fix the with out spending any/too much money on either.

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    I love that size tank!
    Chris (the 'h' is silent)


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      I know! I have my Uromastyx in a 40 breeder. I've plotted several times when I get to upgrade him to a 75 and use his tank for fishy evil >:3


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        Nice score. Hurry up and set it up so we can see what it looks like .
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        30G, 5G


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          The old that is strong, does not wither.


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            Thanks guys! I'll have it tomorrow, but I've got to work this is my last week of school, though, so I'll have Tuesdays and Thursday off all summer


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              lol use his tank for fishy evil lololol
              It does not matter if you are right or wrong...
              As long as you learn and Keep Moving Forward!



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                Awesome! Great deal


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                  That's right, "fishy evil" lol 40 breeders are such great shape tanks! I've always wanted one filled with water rather than sand.