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  • Best time to get fish

    What is everyone's opinion on this? When is the best time to get fish from the LFS 1) Day of arrival to the store or 2) the day before the new arrival?
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    For me it's Sunday. Half price fish day!

    My LFS usually gets there fish the first Monday of every month, so I usually wait till the following Sunday so the fish have some time to adjust and calm down a little.


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      That is a good question. I would almost think it would be better before the new batch comes in. This way the ones that came in sickly or too stressed are already weeded out and the ones left have settled and are a little more stable.
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        It's Fridays for me... Day before lfs gets fish and the day petsmart gets them
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          Depends on the store lol my LFS I usually am there on a regular basis and I watch the fish and the tanks. Gives a preview of what to expect as far as deaths from shipping and bad breeding. If its a chain I usually snap them on on shipment day and if im quick before they even hit their system.

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