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What advice would you give to a newbie?

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  • What advice would you give to a newbie?

    What advice would you give to a person who is just starting into the hobby and joining EverythingAquatic? Besides researching the Nitrogen Cycle?

    New into the hobby:

    1. Research the fish before purchasing

    New to EverythingAquatic

    1. Please no rudeness
    Please check out:

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    Warnings, Infractions and Bannings

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    -Make certain to quarantine new arrivals in order to prevent disease infestation in the main tank.
    -By EA 'law', pictures of your aquariums and stock are required

    -Interaction with other members is encouraged, but misconduct may result in moderator intervention.
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      Research everything even if you think it's stupid... Don't hate the snails... Bigger is better but try to stay in your budget... Bettas need atleast 3g heated and planted

      For EA don't flame if you hear something you wasn't expecting... If you really need to rant or rave on something my pm box is open

      Pictures are always required always haha
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        Before investing in a new tank think about what your wants are IE
        1) layout - substrate
        2) plants - real or artificial
        3) decoration - natural or fantasy
        4) maintenance - how much time can you spend caring for your fish/tank
        5) fish - what would you like - big, small, many, few.

        Ask as many questions as you like no question will be deemed silly or useless we all started pretty much in the same boat and that's how we grow in the hobby it's a learning journey that enables us to make friends along the way when we find the right forum

        Rude I would never be unless warranted and then I'm sure the mods jump in before it got that far. I'm a good girl (mostly)
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          Make sure you know what you're getting into before you start. It's not just throw some water and fish in a tank and feed it. It's a commitment, just like any other pet.

          No questions are stupid but don't get upset if you don't hear the answers you want to hear. Everybody is here to help and sometimes the truth hurts a little.
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            Learn the Nitrogen Cycle.


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              I wholeheartedly agree with the notion of a thorough understanding of the nitrogen cycle. I would also encourage people to try and obtain some cycled media for their tank, it seems so many painfully long and torturous (for both fish and keeper) cycles could be avoided with a piece of floss and a light stock.

              I agree too with Sarah about the questions, we all had them, none are stupid. Sometimes its nice to just get confirmation on something even if you think its silly.
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                New to the hobby... I would advise starting with a 120g....

                New to EA... don't sweat the limbo period, I didn't like it myself but it goes quick if you are a chatterbox
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                  New to the hobby:
                  - Research to figure out which fish you'd like to keep. If you are not interested in them you may lose interest
                  - Once you decide, research again to make sure the fish are compatible. Many fish look great, but if they will kill each other it will cause you stress
                  - Yet again research to determine the tank size needed to properly house them. It is not true that fish will grow to the size of the tank
                  - Freshwater fish do in fact need fresh water to stay healthy
                  - Purchase a test kit. It will help you to understand what is happening in your tank. And don't skimp and purchase those cheap test strips. For accurate results use a liquid test kit

                  New to our forum:
                  - Don't be shy. Introduce yourself!
                  - The only stupid question is the one you don't ask.
                  - Have fun! If this hobby isn't fun then maybe it is time to find something else of interest
                  - Even after 25 years of keeping fish I still learn from others! So, what do you have to teach me
                  - Dena

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                    New to the hobby:
                    1. Research, research, research
                    2. Ask questions
                    3. Listen to advice given. If not it can come to a total loss of tank inhabitants and lead to frustration.
                    4. Keeping fish takes some of your time, do you have the time to spare weekly/biweekly.
                    5. If interested in keeping aquatic plants, please ask questions before buying plants and tank setup

                    New to the Forum:
                    1. Introduce yourself and tell us why you are interested in keeping fish.
                    2. Please familiarize yourself with the Forum Rules.
                    3. Make yourself at home and have fun.
                    4. Lots of info available on the Forum, read away!



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                      1- Dont go by the info big chain stores give you majority of them don't know what they are talking about. Ie I was told I could put 15 danios in a 5g
                      2- The bigger the tank the ez it is to keep your water perm stable
                      3- resurch everything and ask questions on everything you don't understand or confused on
                      4- The one inch per gallon rule isn't the best to go by diff fish have diff needs and bio loads

                      For EA
                      1- everyone here has yours and your pets best interest in mind
                      2-members will always try to give you the best advice
                      3- don't be frighten away if people demand pic from you
                      Anthony D