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And on a happier note!!!

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  • And on a happier note!!!

    One of my many fish or fish related shipments I was supposed to get this week arrived today!!! My two upside down cats came in safe and sound!!!!! Now I am just waiting on UPS to bring me my Kens order!! Which is none too soon because my 50gals filter is just not doing its job!!! Will post pictures soon!!
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    Yay!!! Fish shipments are the best!!!
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      Yay! There's nothing like that feeling of relief you get when you open the box and there's no DOA's imo!!!
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        Ain't that the truth.
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          yay fish! now you know the rules, gotta post pics.

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            I love getting fish or fish-related packages in the mail .
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              Me too OB!! I am starting to get a lil addicted to it I think. I have gotten a lot lately and just want more and more lol...OH BTW....My Kens order came in too!!! WOOT WOOOT!!! Fishies can have some new yummy foods now. So far I am happy with everything other than the veggie sticks w calcium either they havnt really noticed them yet, or they arent much of a hit. And they get mushy pretty quickly. I bought the minis just for that reason.
              Don't tell me the sky is the limit, when there are foot prints on the moon!! (anon)