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fish food and budget

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  • fish food and budget

    What fish food do you use and how much per month does it cost?
    Right now I have Frozen brine shrimp, Frozen blood worms, Omega one, Hikari first bites, LFS BULK food, Top Fin algae thins, Tetra veggie Algae wafers,
    monthly cost is about 25$ some food last longer then others like the wafers will last a month in a half, the bulk food will probably last me over half a year,

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    Re: fish food and budget

    I buy almost none of my food from the LFS. I've got lots of food from For all my dry foods, I can go at least 6 months before buying anything. For frozen, I've been making my own for a fraction of what I could buy it for at the LFS. There are some things that you can't get like bloodworms. I got beef heart and made my own frozen food. I also took catfish that was on sale, cut it up in to small portions and froze it. $3 worth of catfish from the grocery store will outlast any frozen foods from the LFS. My frogs and fish are very happy
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      Re: fish food and budget

      I feed mostly Reparshy which I buy in large quantity online, and I also feed NLS bought from my LFS (to make sure I give them SOME dry goods business lol) Algae waffers come and go but are around less and less due to the reparshy now. I will also feed shrimp pellets from whatever source I used that month lol.

      Frozen foods also come from the LFS and are usually brine shrimp.

      NO idea on what the cost is as I really dont keep that much track of it.

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        Re: fish food and budget

        I did a large order of fish food a couple months ago:

        Flakes from Angel Plus:
        Vitamin Flakes
        Immune Booster flakes
        Meat Eater w/Garlic flakes
        Angel Flakes
        All in One flakes

        Omega One
        Thera A+
        Carno pellets
        Algae Wafers

        Misc Online Stores:
        Repashy (Community, Shrimp Souffle, Green)
        Brine Shrimp Eggs

        LFS-Frozen Food
        Brine, Bloodworms, Mysis, and Beefhearts

        As in terms how I pay a month, not sure. But doing bulk orders from a online retailer is usually cheaper down the road. I haven't ordered food yet and still have plenty.


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          Re: fish food and budget

          I order most of my food online and am starting to make foods. I use a variety of Omega One products as staple foods. And, of course Repashy since I have become an approved dealer. The websites I order my foods from are and I can purchase food cheaper, even with the shipping, from these sites than I can locally!!

          I supplement this with fresh fruits & vegys and live foods.
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            Re: fish food and budget

            I'm not sure how much I spend each month on fish food, but I do know it's a heck of a lot less than I spend on cat food.
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              Re: fish food and budget

              I just bought some dry food from Kensfish. Also bought some frozen food but after 3 tries at reshipping it I never got it.

              I make most of my own food for my fishes.