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What should I do?

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  • What should I do?

    Since I got 9 new albino cories for a $1 at PetSmart, two have died and I have a raincheck for 6 in one store that expires in February and 5 for another store that expires tomorrow.

    I was thinking of getting 7 more tomorrow (2 being from the 14 day return policy and the other 5 using the raincheck). Should I put them in the QT tank with 7 remaining Albinos or should I start another QT tank?

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    Re: What should I do?

    Are those currently in QT from the same store the new purchases will be from? How long have you had them? If not long and from the same store I'd put them together and start the QT period over.
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      Re: What should I do?

      I got them about four days ago. They will be coming from the same store, but it will be a brand new shipment since I took the remaining stock.


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        Re: What should I do?

        Thats a tough one, on one hand its same store probably same source but on the other hand could be a diff farm, and then if your going to get even more do you have room for 3 QT tanks, if not I would add these to the same 4 that are in there and then use tank 2 for the other batch.

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