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  • Question: Crisis averted

    Well around about 4am this morning I heard a noise a bit like someone walking in high heeled shoes which was strange as it didn't sound like it was coming from outside, so in my sleepy state I decided to investigate.

    I followed it until it got louder and louder and it appeared to be coming from Mordin's tank?
    Had my boy decided to take up tap dancing?

    As this was highly unlikely but nothing impossible with this fish I got my mini torch that I used to use with the water change bucket when I had endlers (black bucket) and proceeded with my investigation.

    I know shining a torch into a dark fishtank is wrong and I only did it because turning the light on would have woken Oliver and then I would have had a completely different situation to deal with plus if Mordin was tap dancing I badly wanted to see he wasn't

    On Mordin's filter there is a flow regulator turny nob thing that had come up and water was leaking through so I pushed it down and the mysterious noise stopped. Feeling happy I had solved the mystery I trotted off back to bed.

    This morning however I should have looked further.

    I went over to turn his light on and get greated by the usual ambush and his water level had decreased by over half an inch? I only did a water change yesterday so I was a little puzzled and then I noticed something you never want to see next to your fishtank.....a puddle

    It appears well I'm hoping the leaky flowy nobby thing has sprayed water over the side of the tank were all the plugs are eeeeeek.

    Thank fully I caught it in time and no water got near to the electrics and now I will be changing Mordin's filter as I have a spare in my fish first aid kit.

    So everyone the moral of the story is if you hear a tapping and think your fish are tap dancing check for puddles before its too late
    Never underestimate the power of a smile

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    Oh my. I am glad that it wasn't any worse!!
    - Dena

    All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.
    Walt Disney

    The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.


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      Thank you Dena I am keeping my eye on his tank to make sure it was the filter and not the tank leaking.

      Oliver did storm off to work muttering something about fishtanks but I chose to ignore him he's always cranky in the morning
      Never underestimate the power of a smile


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        Tap dancing bettas? You must have been really tired! Glad you were able to catch the bad filter in time though!

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          Lol I expect anything from Mordin he is crazy lol

          Thank you I have swapped the filter now just tinkering with it to get the flow right Mordin is not amused he hates me messing

          I am closely monitoring him to make sure the flow isn't too strong as he is pretty much all fin
          Never underestimate the power of a smile


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            "flowy nobby thing"

            You use the same technical terms to describe something that I do . Glad you were able to avert a disaster.
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              Thank you Lori you and me are just too technical lol
              Never underestimate the power of a smile