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Phosphate Test Kit

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  • Phosphate Test Kit

    I'm thinking of getting a Phosphate Test Kit but don't know which kit to purchase

    API Phosphate Test Kit or Seachem Multi Test Phosphate Test Kit

    Sidenote: Feel free to move this posting to any section, I didn't know where to put it.

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    I don't have one but i have been told that API has a pretty good kit... I was planning to get or sailfert(sp?) Test kits...
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      Hi CJ,

      I use the Salifert Phosphate Kit. I've never used the others.


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        I also use salifert! One of the best ones out there. Most SW keepers use all salifert tests.


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          I have both the API and the Seachem kits. Seachem has a small range it can test; API can test at higher levels so is my go to with the levels in my tap. And have tried many others too. One word of caution. If you are not using lab grade testing reagents the kits are inaccurate. You would need to calibrate the kit to be able to trust the results.

          Another option would be to monitor for GSA. If the algae exists then increase the phosphates. I have gotten test results of 5 ppm and had so much GSA that I started dosing KH2PO4. And my tank has shown great improvement!
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            Thanks for the feedback...I ordered API kit using Prime Account on Amazon. I would of ordered Sailfert but it didn't fall under free shipping.


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              I have used the API one, not too bad but I also agree without some standards these kits are always all over the charts until you learn where they are slightly off or that your eye is a little off on colors.

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