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55 gallon community tank

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  • 55 gallon community tank

    2 GBRs
    8 neons
    7 rainbows (4 male, 3 female)
    6 platies (1 male, four females, one fry)
    BN pleco (Nubbins)
    assassin snails
    Hopefully two angels

    Aquatop cf-400UV canister, Aquatop 300W heater, 2x54W T5HOs, injected CO2

    Cardinal plants
    Mexican oak leaf
    Java ferns
    Red ludwigia
    Anubias coffeefolia
    Anubias afzelii
    Dwarf chain swords

    two pieces of Mopani driftwood
    lava rocks, other rocks

    This tank has been set up about a year and a half-ish, but at the beginning I didn't have any live plants.

    Sorry the pictures/video aren't the clearest, I just did a water change the front always gets covered in bubbles. I have to wipe them all off, then quickly take pictures/videos before they come back Also, I don't really know what "Mexican Oak leaf" is, we just bought it on a whim....but man that stuff grows fast I'm going to have to start trimming the tops off, it's bending over on the surface.

    Also, I have a terrible problem with green spot algae, some BBA, and what I'm thinking (and a few people suggested) is staghorn algae. Maybe the decrease in light due to the Mexican oak leaf will help

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    Looks AMAZING! I love your tank.


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      Aww thank you Rogue


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        Your tank is looking great!


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          Thanks Christine! Definitely thanks in part to all your coaching in the beginning Did you see my lone crunchy Italian val in the middle??

          The part I dislike most is the green spot algae. The green dust algae comes off pretty easily, the staghorn is easy to pluck off, the BBA isn't that bad...but the GSA does NOT want to come off. I dose phosphate every other day. Bleh


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            Ohhh....I saw, I saw....nice crunchy Val!

            I've combated GSA with raising the light up on my tank.


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              Beautiful tank.

              Whatever happened to the pink hippo grass?


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                Thanks CJ It's long gone unfortunately, didn't last long either. Its colors were fading and the leaves kept falling off, so I pitched it.


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                  Your tank is beautiful! So lush with all the vegetation.

                  Great job!
                  - Dena

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                  Walt Disney

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                    Wow Zumi your tank is stunning beautifully natural well done
                    Never underestimate the power of a smile


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                      Thanks guys, that means a lot

                      The darn Mexican oak leaf won't stay planted since it isn't very rooty, so I think I'm going to steal a page out of Matt's book and try plant weights...wrap a few stems together and bury them and see how that works. I would say 75% of it is currently floating At least it roughly stays in the same spot and is still getting light though.


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                        Absolutely Beautiful!
                        __________________________________________________ __________

                        30G, 5G


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                          Thank you Lori


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                            Much needed water change today! The last couple weeks at school were super busy, and then this week was spring break so all I wanted to do was lounge around However the nitrates never got above 5-10ppm, so if anything it was a good test. I should probably actually be dosing nitrates again

                            Cleaned up the GSA that was on the front, replanted that darn Mexican oak leaf (it has no roots and refuses to stay put), and trimmed the errant cabombas. The crypt spiralis is just exploding, I don't know what I'm going to do with it! You can't even see the cabomba behind it. Can you trim bladed-leaf plants? If anything I may pull up the cabomba, move the crypt back, and let the cabomba be in the middle of the tank instead. And let the crypt do its thing

                            Have to get the tank ready for my new arrivals next week!!
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                              I spy a Red wag platy in pic 2 I love those fishies