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37g Journal, REBUILD!

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    Sorry to hear of the losses, hopefully wasnt anything too serious. Good luck getting the tank rebooted! Looking forward to seeing some pics and stocking idea.s

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      I decided this tank will be a Barb tank. I added fish a week ago, the ac 70 is still running and was cycled.

      3 Tiger barbs
      3 Green Tigers
      3 Albino tigers
      4 mixed platys
      1 male Powderblue dwarf gourmai

      I'm waiting a bit longer to add either Corydoras or otos. What would be best?

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        I would suggest panda cories.
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          I lost the powder blue gourami few weeks ago. But I did get a Blue Gourami to be the centerpiece fish. No bickering between him and the barbs. My AC 70 quit working again, going to see about fixing it, but I have the 50 running on it. Might just replace both with a cascade 700 canister filter.

          Stock update:
          3 tigers
          2 green tigers
          3 albino tigers
          4 mixed platys
          1 male blue three spot gourami
          1 flying fox

          I seem to have bad luck with pandas, bronze or albino corys I can keep fine.

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