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    My mom said that once I get my planted tank looking good, and when I have more experience, she wants me to set up a reef tank for a display in the house. This is probably going to be a year or 2 from now, but I want to learn some reef stuff.

    So, I don't know much about reefs, or SW for that matter, so I need to learn some stuff. First off, could you give me a generic list of what stuff is essential for a thriving reef?

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    Live rock 1-1.5lbs per gallon but more if possible.
    Sand (argonite, spelling?, ) 1lbs is best depending on if you want a deep sandbed or not...
    Lighting... I have a coralife t5 twin bulb 50/50 fixture... But heather and Jon know more about lighting than I do...
    Powerheads... Not sure.exactly what your planning for but aim for 10-20x turn over... My 26bf has a 950 and 500
    Protein skimmer is a must for any reef... Once again heather and Jon should be consulted...

    Emerald crab.. one is required in every setup!
    2.5g Betta tank (Rayne)
    2.5g Apple Snail tank (Silver)
    1.5g Saltwater MTS vase (tough little dudes)
    40g red ear slider tank (Kappa)
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      Id recommend a book. There's so much going on you should he aware of in sw, and elements you need to track to get it to thrive. I got a nano guide off my kindles best sellers list and it helped me wrap my head around what I wanted a lot better. By figuring out what you want you'll understand what gear you need.

      For example: what kind of corals do you want? That'll determined the level of light, flow, and filtration you'll need.
      36g ram community, 10g blue jelly shrimp, 10g orange pumpkin shrimp, 5g ADF, 12g reef, 55g hex reef