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    Please don't hate me because I know it's been cover all over but I have a bad memory with it and figured if there was a thread just for it I would just go to it... Anyways... What test kits are needed for a reef now that my tank is a reef lol...
    I know calcium, magnesium, all, ph, and phosphate but what else...

    And what brand of test kits are best? My lfs sells Sera brand and I have been told its a lab quality test but am unsure of its accuracy... Should I buy the API reef test kit petsmart sells?
    2.5g Betta tank (Rayne)
    2.5g Apple Snail tank (Silver)
    1.5g Saltwater MTS vase (tough little dudes)
    40g red ear slider tank (Kappa)
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    I wouldn't know... I figure I would respond just so you know I read your post
    It does not matter if you are right or wrong...
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      You could buy one of these...


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        Stop putting those links there lol