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  • 10g Nuvo Reef

    Hey guys! I'm pretty sure I'm the only one left here that has a saltwater tank but I figured I would share a photo of it from today. It's a 10g Nuvo tank and I love it to death. I have all kinds of little inverts and corals in it. I'm hoping to compile a list of everything in it soon.


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    Love it! That photo makes it look much bigger than a 10g tank. Great job!

    One of these days I'll have the time and money to start a smallish saltwater tank. Just not in the cards quite yet.
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      Making me jealous, I would love to have a tank like that some day!

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        Wow! That's beautiful. My husband wants one, but I'd end up doing all the work

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        55g and another 10g being planned.