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  • AquaLady
    started a topic Clean or Keep?

    Clean or Keep?

    What is this? It's like Brown hair. Could it be Brown hair algae? What to do with it? It looks...
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  • kinezumi89
    started a topic Why are my plants sad?

    Why are my plants sad?

    Hello all,

    As of late many plants in our tank seem sad.

    1. The cabomba...
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  • Lilibeth_Seasong
    started a topic Many kinds of algae...

    Many kinds of algae...

    I have been dealing with BGA, but I also have several other types of algae. I am not quite sure what...
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  • NorthStar
    started a topic Great link to Algae, Causes and Solutions

    Great link to Algae, Causes and Solutions

    I wanted to share this link about Algae: Causes and Solutions. I would recommend opening this link...
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  • Raerianna
    started a topic Thinking I've Got BBA

    Thinking I've Got BBA

    I looked in Dustin's 20 this morning to see little clumps of black fuzz growing on his anubius. For...
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  • Cloudy Water

    Cloudy Water

    Every one of us who keep aquariums eventually notice that a tank is not as clear as it used to be. We have all asked ourselves "Why is my tank cloudy?"

    First step is to figure out what color the water is starting to take on. The best way to determine this is to look straight down into the tank.

    • Is the water green? This is an algae bloom. This
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  • Cladophora


    This string type algae is nothing short of your worst nightmare! It is often confused with hair algae, however, this form grows in thick mats that entangles itself into the plants and easily hides in other mosses. This is a difficult algae to remove as when disturbed it breaks into very tiny bits and pieces that go unnoticed. It is these tiny bits that attach to plants and start the cycle over again. ...
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  • Brush Algae (Black Beard or Black Brush)

    Brush Algae (Black Beard or Black Brush)

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  • Algae Causes and Cures

    Algae Causes and Cures

    Eventually every tank deals with one form of algae or another. In a non-planted tank, algae is typically caused by leaving the lights on too long, having the tank sit in front of a window or not keeping up on tank maintenance to minimize fish waste and keeping the gravel properly cleaned of debris. For those with a non-planted tank, begin daily water changes of no less than 30% and use a gravel cleaner to pick up all uneaten food and other debris in the substrate. Shove the gravel cleaner tube completely through the gravel and do not move until all waste has been lifted. Then, move the tube about an inch and repeat. Once about 30% of the tank's water has been drained stop. Make a note of where you stopped the gravel cleaning and begin in this location tomorrow. And continue with weekly water changes and partial gravel cleanings to maintain a cleaner environment. Unfortunately, in a planted tank, algae control is not quite so simple. Planted tank typically use high lighting output, dose fertilizers and may even supplement carbon dioxide. This environment is not only perfect for growing plants, but algae also can become rampant too. Knowing which form(s) of algae are now growing i...
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